8th Annual Hip Hop 
For Peace Artists Bios 


OBSESIÓN! Pioneers of Cuban Hip Hop — Direct From Cuba!
Obsesión are one of Cuba’s most successful and outspoken musical groups. They have garnered the attention and admiration of fans, international media and superstar artists like Afrika Bambaata and Mos Def. They have also shared the stage at the legendary Apollo Theatre with “the Roots” as part of a landmark American tour. 

The group is comprised of MC’s Magia (Magia Lopez), El Tipo Este (Alexey Rodriguez, also a producer) and their DJ and gifted beat-smith, El Jigüe (Isnay Rodriguez)

The members of this highly respected trio are pioneers in the Cuban Hip Hop scene. They have played an important role in cultivating the ‘Agencia Cubana de Rap,’ a government-sponsored Cuban Rap Agency that encourages and makes space for young artists developing their skill and expressing what is important to them. Obsesión has helped build a Hip Hop culture representative of Cuban society, its social challenges, its immense gains, and its ongoing development of humanity. Today, Obsesión continues to succeed in bringing an authentic Cuban Hip Hop flavour spiced with the resolve and courage of its people! From the Rumba, to the factory, to the beach, to revolution square, Obsesión brings Cuba to VanCity.


Joose Justis

Joose Justis is a seasoned veteran of the Vancouver International Hip Hop 4 Peace Festival and is now one of it’s main organizers. Originally hailing out of Toronto, now in Vancouver, this Killawatt Records artist has rocked stages with the Rascals, Akon, Rhianna, Mos Def and 2Short. Joose has flexed his lyrical repertoire on the international stage, participating in the Hip Hop Symposium in Havana, Cuba, as well as smashing mics at local peace and international solidarity events. His birth certificate may refer to him as "Junior," but he packs a heavy weight maturity when it comes to crafting his art and struggling for peace!


A true torchbearer of Boom Bap Hip Hop, Attikus rhymes with the soul of the blue collar working man. A master of observation, Attikus raps about the little things that creep into our minds and circle our thoughts. With a wordly mind, Attikus hails from Vancouver,BC on the West Coast of Canada. Delving deep into the conscious stream, Attikus politics with the audience, almost having a conversation with his listeners. Original member of Vancouver boom bap band GroundBreakers, Attikus has played hundreds of shows, having toured Western Canada and BC heavily as opening act and tour manager for Emotionz and Stylust and most recently having toured Coast to Coast across Canada with Toronto’s Timbuktu and Halifax’s Ghettosocks culminating in a performance at the 2012 East Coast Music Awards. These endless miles and epic drives through extreme weather conditions made an indelible impression on him, as he earned his chops, living the nomadic existence of a touring musician. Along the way he has performed in a supporting role for shows that included Zion I, J-Live, Lifesavas, RA the Rugged Man, Living Legends, Masta Ace, Chin Injeti, Moka Only and many more. In August 2011, Attikus traveled to Cuba with Killawatt recording artist Joose Justis to play the HIP HOP POR LA PAZ (Hip Hop For Peace) Festival in Havana with artists from all over the world. Attikus and Joose played two sold out shows at the legendary Riviera Theatre and taught and attended multiple workshops on hip hop culture over the 5 day symposium. Having recently signed with hip hop label and film company Wandering Worx, Attikus just released his debut solo album named Boo Radley April 2012. With his right arm and partner in crime at his side, Vancouver beat boxer GBoXX, Attikus has just begun to make his presence felt in the world of music, a presence that will undoubtedly intensify.

Fatty Down

When it's part of who you are, everything happens naturally. It's like breathing to me" - Fatty Down

An independent progressive chameleon of sound, Fatty Down is about creating positive energy and enjoying life & what he does.

Born in Vancouver B.C. and raised on Vancouver Island  B.C., Fatty Down's ever-evolving Hip Hop style remains undefined.
What remains constant is this singer/rapper/songwriter's mantra; to release positive feel good music.

Fatty Down's fluidity in versatility ranks amongst some of the most notable artists in the Pacific Northwest.

Channeling himself into his lyrics,Fatty Down creates a fusion of authenticity & ingenuity that sets him a world apart from artists heard on commercial radio waves. His effervescence and charisma on stage sparks a rare audience-to-artist connection via sound, character, performance, and space.

Using life experience as his art, and his music as the endorphin to it, Fatty Down continues to revolutionize what it means to be Hip Hop
Now releasing  his 6th innovation entitled 'Rollercoaster', Fatty continues to create outside the lines and bring positivity to feel-good music.

Take a breath.

Ndidi Cascade 


Ndidi Cascade is a Vancouver born and based hip hop vocalist, songwriter, recording artist and program facilitator. She has showcased her music across North America, highlights include the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, and Canadian Music Week.  Ndidi Cascade's music has been featured on Much Music and MTV Canada, and she has shared the stage with talents such as Femi Kuti, Digable Planets, The Mad Professor, De La Soul, K-OS and K'naan.  Ndidi also facilitates workshops that use hip hop and spoken word  as a medium for healthy self-expression. She is the founder of the “Word Sound and Power” and “Elementalz” education programs which are designed to raise awareness of the origins of the Hip Hop movement.  
Myspace: myspace.com/ndidicascade
Facebook Pages: facebook.com/ndidicascademusicpage

Tonye Aganaba

Tonye Aganaba is a sultry singer-songwriter born in London, England and raised in Northern Canada. Now based in Vancouver B.C., she has lent her voice to a collection of recordings spanning multiple genres of music such as Electro-House, Dubstep, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop and R&B.

2011 was a phenomenal year for Tonye as she gained notoriety within the electronic world following her #1 Dubstep track “So Good” with Vancouver’s “Hirshee” [Released on Beatport through Big Fish Recordings]. She also stormed the Vancouver music scene with Randy Ponzio and The Foundation, opening for such heavy weight acts as Ziggy Marley, Ky-Mani Marley and Yellowman. The band recently put the finishing touches on the much-awaited album, but suffered a massive loss following the tragic death of bandleader Randy Ponzio.

Her desire to encourage creative collaboration led to the development of her non-profit arts organization, The Living Society whose mandate is to Inspire, Motivate, and Educate through alternative artistic programming. As an entertainer, she could see first hand the dire need for the creation of positive works that encourage, motivate and inspire community. She is also a founding member of Vancouver based Media Production and PR Firm, Team Heartbreak.

Tonye is far from a novice when it comes to the worldwide touring circuit. She has been invited to perform around the world, and has gained a solid international fanbase that continuously grows. 2012 is rapidly lining up to be another year of international opportunities for this dynamic artist with Lebanon, Dubai, Asia, and beyond in her sights. Look out world…a magical force is brewing and planting positive roots through Tonye Aganaba!

WEBSITE: www.tonyeaganaba.com
YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/tonyeaganaba

BLOG: thelivingsociety.com
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/TonyeAganaba
MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/tonyeaganaba
REVERBNATION: http://www.reverbnation.com/tonyeaganaba
BOOKINGS: 778-891-8653
MANAGEMENT: www.livevision.ca

Savage Rock 

Savage Rock is a B-Boy of the Now or Never Crew; a teacher, performer and competitor worldwide.

In 2010, Savage won the “World of Dance: Seattle Edition” competition, and along with his crew, closed the Winter Olympics with a glow-in-the-dark Breaking performance. Furthermore in 2011, he traveled to Europe with N.O.N. and became the finalists in the World Championship Preliminaries. Shortly after coming home, Savage and his crew went on to the Vancouver International Dance Festival, directing a 45-minute performance explaining the positive cultural effects of Breaking. Today in 2012, Savage won 3 different battles in Vancouver and in the Yukon; as well as a semi-finalist in two other battles locally and in Seattle. In the midst of constantly dedicating his life to honing his craft, Savage recently directed a “Flash Mob” and a funky jazz performance for the Alzheimer’s International Association. Earlier this year Savage traveled to Los Angeles with N.O.N. as guest performers for the International Salsa Festival.

Outside of the break life Savage continues to work at his father’s “Pho” shop and spends his spare time hanging with his students or practicing the other arts of Hip-Hop culture. “Sav” also loves to study and explore philosophy and history; he combines this with his teachings to mold more than just great street dancers, but humble, open-minded individuals who care about the community. 

The end! For now.

DJ A-Slam

DJ A-SLAM is an artist, DJ, and producer who mixes Electronic House and Hip-Hop. He has made a name for himself in the World music market fusing hype beats with Indian influences. Now he's taking his sound mainstream. His début album Back Down will be released later this year. So far A-SLAM has won the International Songwriting Award for best hip-hop song, and has been nominated for a Juno (Canada) and GIMA (India) music award. This Vancouver based DJ has toured in 5 Countries and open for artists such as Jay Sean, Fat Joe, Raghav, and more.
To download free mp3s visit A-slam's facebook page at: http://www.a-slam.com/

Fully Faded  

Hailing from the Influents crew, emcees Abyss and Sauce with DJ C-Lo form the Hip Hop super group Fully Faded. Fusing a strong foundation in the old school with a progressive frame of mind, they bring a distinct sound and an energetic live set loaded with quality beats and thoughtful lyrics. After six years as a group and a combined total of thirty six years spent honing their respective crafts, they are still looking forward to reaching a wider fan base and opening minds. Fully Faded is based on a concept of total elevation. 

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/fullyfaded

 Estea Elements  

Estea Elements is considered by many of his peers to be one of the most pro-active, community based, socially responsible, emcees to come out of the Vancouver hip-hop scene. Add to that the respect he receives across the board for creative lyricism, and an explosive stage show that unifies audiences like no other, and you can understand why he is referred to often as "The Chief Rhyme-O-Rator" Delighting hip-hop lovers with his traditional delivery and true school approach, it is safe to say that there are none more DEF and few more loved than "The Imaginaut" Estea Elements.

Website: http://esteaelements.bandcamp.com


JB the 1st Lady

Jb the first Lady is a Vancouver based female hip hop artist, beat-boxer, performing artist, aboriginal youth educator, single mother, award-winning actor, and member of the Nuxalk and Cayauga Nations who is "using [her] words to go upwards/not backwards." These are lyrics that describe what JB tries to convey in her music. Hip Hop is her chosen avenue of expression. JB’s music is lyrically motivated with depth, meaning, and positivity like none other.

Ali Dahesh  

Ali Dahesh was born in Tehran; his family left Iran when he was six years old due to rising violence in the region he still identifies as home. Ali has been involved in numerous projects with a variety of artists, from instrumentalists to singers and poets, providing him with the opportunity to become a more versatile and comprehensive producer and lyricist. Having grown up in a low-income housing community he catered to people from all corners of the world. 

Ali’s beats were inspired by his cultural and childhood experiences. Hip Hop was very prominent and integrated in such multinational communities. Ali also continues to participate in an international festival to raise hip hop awareness and education to the citizens of Cuba and artists from around the world through the Annual Lafabrik Simposio Festival in August of every year (2008, 2010, 2011). 

To those who know him, and to those who have only just met him, Ali expresses his soul-hearted strength through his soul productions. He hopes to continue collaborating with artists everywhere to increase awareness and stop world violence through the power of music. 

Ali plans on releasing many more projects as his library continues to grow everyday; his most anticipated album is in the works with artist Antony of Egypt aka Kalki, that is expected to be released at the end of 2012. In 2011 and 2012 Ali has been heavily involved in the Persian Rap community and is working with many talented artists aiming to bring peace amongst all people. His upcoming album Osoole Talfighi with Persian rapper Kasseb is expected to be his next release due in summer of 2012.  

Website: http://alidahesh.bandcamp.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DJDahesh
Youtube: www.youtube.com/alidahesh
Twitter: www.twitter.com/alidahesh



Behrad aka Kasseb aka Boss Doggy aka BD was born in 1986 in a neighborhood called Naft in Mirdamad street in Tehran. Now Living in Vancouver, BC for the past 8 years he has accomplished a lot of grounds in the persian hip hop community. Kasseb is one of Vancouver's first Farsi freestylers which soon after he started writing and creating songs. Kasseb is currently working on an album with his producer Ali Dahesh, a combination of international flavour. He has also just completed an album named "A.T.A.K" (Ali Dahesh, Tewolde Issac, Antony of Egypt, Kasseb) which is a compilation they put together while on tour across Canada, this album was created in Regina, SK. Kasseb has also opened up for many hip hop acts that have visited the city of Vancouver with his crew Ali Dahesh and KIDS, such as Talib Kweli, Obie Trice, Royce Da 59, Masta Ace and many more! Kasseb continues to thrive in todays Rap world and opens the minds of many youth in Iran and around the world. His sick flows along with his meaningful lyrics never disappoint, catch him on stage and feel his presence!



He may be soft spoken, but when’s C-Lo’s DJ’ing, & producing he’s at air siren pitch!  From the Influents Crew to Fully Faded, Lo Down Digital Media Mogul to Hip Hop 4 Peace Festival DJ, C-lo, holds it down and delivers! 

Discreet da Chosen 1 

“Discreet Da Chosen 1” (a.k.a. Leeland Askew) was born a natural born entertainer, it was no surprise when he took to Hip Hop and strived to become one of Vancouver's most respected faces in Vancouver's Hip Hop community. He has drawn considerable media attention for his performances alongside some of today’s most influential Hip-Hop acts such as T.Pain, Tyga, The Game, Redman. Involved in several youth outreach programs and being a humanitarian at heart, Leeland has continued to explore other avenues of incorporating music into his personal values and beliefs. He was selected by 'Health Canada' to create and produce a song that focuses on suicide awareness amongst today's youth; to later cameo in their documentary. His diverse background has groomed him to become a rare combination of multi-talented artist and an uncompromising social activist. He has performed for the NAACP and numerous peace rallies. Discreet uses his diverse background as an Aboriginal/African-Canadian to bring a diverse perspective to the Hip-Hop scene. His words onstage are what he lives by. Hailing from the Squamish Nation, Discreet takes pride in representing his people with dignity. He embraces the lifelong rewards of a healthy lifestyle, advanced education with a strong work ethic. His music is motivational and is written without the unfavorables of drugs and violence. Discreet Da Chosen 1 has continued to educate himself in music through recording, producing and within the opening and growth of his own Recording Studio "Knownwell Product-shuns". . He believes that music should be as much about action as it is about words and lyrics.

Speeches Beyond  

Speeches Beyond is considered by many to be one of the illest poetical rhyme benders making moves in the music industry today. As a solo artist he's released his first album '' Chaos and Confusion'' independently  just to give people an example of what he's all about. Anyone can tell that when they hear his music that he has put his heart and soul in every song, verse, melody and word. His outlook on music has always been focused on telling it like it is. With a variety of  subjects  that range from things anyone could relate to, both intellectual and fun. Sometimes he'll just speak about having a good time with friends ,or speak about things that he looks at very seriously, all packaged together with a tightly complex yet loose rhyme structure. Speeches Beyond, as a person, brings life to any performance he does, and we have no doubt that in the future we will see even greater and greater things come from the voice of this Poetic Medic.

Ill Tone and King's Landing 


Ill Tone is known for bringing a very energetic, high octane set. With a blend of consciously motivated, comedic, self reflective, and astoundingly honest lyrics, he has tailored his live set to appeal to a wide audience. In addition to performing live with his DJ, DJ Optimus Prime, Ill Tone also rocks a lot of his shows with a guitarist and bassist to give his performance that extra 'live music' feel. Together, the band is known as "KING'S LANDING".

Over the years, Ill Tone has had the opportunity to open for and share the stage with such artists / groups as Talib Kweli, Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko, Digable Planets, Maestro Fresh Wes, Masta Ace, Tha Alkaholiks, Jeru the Damaja, Swollen Members, The Steadies (formerly 'Mobadass' / 'Wide Mouth Mason'), The Boom Booms, Tipper, Sweatshop Union, Kyprios, Moka Only, bassist Rick May (Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, Taj Mahal), & Chin Injeti... among many others.

Look for "Hope? EP" (released August 31st), Ill Tone's latest release. The EP features Jasmin Parkin of 'Mother Mother', and Kyprios, as well as other talented local artists. Also featured on the EP is Skryptcha from 'Obese Records' (AUS). The EP is available @ illtone.bandcamp.com and FANS CAN NAME THEIR OWN PRICE!

Website: http://illtone.bandcamp.com

 Chief Rock  

Twelve years ago in the dingy reaches of Canada's most industrialized centre, Chief Rock began his performing career. What was once a sprawling Iroquoi heartland of the Six Nations, Hamilton now seems the most unlikely setting to re-cultivate the trampled Native culture... but this hasn't stopped Rock from donning his head dress. His earliest high school performances were rough. He hadn't yet received any formal training, but the experience of playing to a live audience proved immediately addictive. Consequently, Chief Rock joined the Kanata Native Dance Theater where he mastered, not only 4 different styles of traditional Native dance, but also stage awareness and physical 'storytelling'. Shortly thereafter the internationally renowned Red Thunder dance group invited him to join their tour. Since this time the Hamilton native has been bringing his flair to most parts of North America and even far away lands such as Guyana and Taiwan. Above and beyond his touring accolades, Chief Rock has also danced in three music videos for EMI, including Tom Cochraine's "I Wonder" and Susan Aglukhark "One Hand Turns Another". As strong as his background in traditional Native culture may be, Chief Rock will be the first to declare that his passions extend far beyond the ancient rituals of the pow wow. Long before he had dawned the traditional beads and feathers, Rock was scuffing his sneakers as a B-Boy. With thousands of hours logged on the cardboard in Powell Park, his moves now attest to an authentic breed of break dancing. And he owes his well-earned break dancing reputation in the Hamilton and Toronto hip-hop club scenes largely to his proficient footwork. Albeit that Chief Rock can tell a compelling story with his body, his current mission is to spread a message with his voice. A founding Owner of Purple Ku$H Entertainment, Chief Rock writes and produces all of his own material. The beckoning aura of his instrumental arrangements, overlaid with his sobering lyrics offer an intriguing primer on Canada's immediate cultural climate. His clever blend of traditional Native culture with the hottest contemporary musical genre could easily be the new combination to catch the attention of today's young people.  

Lisa Monchalin 

Lisa Monchalin whose Aboriginal heritage is of Algonquin, Métis and Huron first started singing and drumming traditional Aboriginal songs with the women’s Drum Circle at Minwaashin lodge in Ottawa Ontario. Since moving to British Columbia she has started a Drum Circle at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (where she also teaches). Two traditional Aboriginal songs (where she sings and plays the drum) are also on a compilation CD of Aboriginal music (karénna otapihkéwak). More recently, she has joined Chief Rock in singing Aboriginal social songs put to hip hop beats.

Babaluku/Free Nation


Free Nation is a movement of young men and women dedicated to sharing transforming creative platforms through various hip hop practices to reconnect and ground their community to celebrate knowledge of self. Free Nation is dedicated to creating spaces, and educational practices that nurture and empower a new generation of young leaders both in Canada, U.S.A, Uganda and the world.

We are a movement of young artists, poets, dancers, graffiti artists, hip hop scholars, community activists, environmentalists, innovators & entrepreneurs creating a positive change in the communities we are grounded in. We are committed to reconnecting young communities to the power of their indigenous truth, celebrating their tradition and heritage reigniting
their love to discover the power of languages.

We are partners with the Bavubuka Foundation, a community movement that believes connecting youth with music and the arts can transform lives and unify diverse communities worldwide. We are proud members of the historical Luga Flow: Community Revolution in Progress Movement. This major musical force is credited for training and nurturing the best indigenous hip hop advocates /emcees/ educators and indigenous community peace builders in Uganda.

Our overall commitment is to convey positive messages to uplift and strengthen our communities locally and globally through our mediums of expression whether it be dance, art, fashion or music.

Indigo Kids

Emcees Axiom and Kapok are brothers in arms, a Canadian West Coast Hip Hop force to be reckoned with, aptly named Indigo Kids. With their signature brand of rhyme craftsmanship, these gentlemen of the creative persuasion are backed by a fearsome live band comprised of bassist Nick Lagasse, drummer Sydney Beagle, Vancouver Hip Hop veteran DJ K-Rec and up and coming young vocalist Francesca Belcourt, winner of a 2012 Vancouver Island Music Award for Best Youth Artist. The newest member of the roster, playing keys, is fellow Jellyfish Recordings artist Nick Wisdom, the recent winner of the Chin Injeti Beat Battle.


Abyss is a Vancouver-based hip-hop MC who has been recording original material since 1996. Dedicated to socially conscious song writing, Abyss rejects hip-hop stereotypes of violence, misogyny, and greed in his lyrics, preferring to convey emotional sincerity and compassion. Abyss’ live performancesinclude a DJ, freestyling, and crowd participation. With his blend of positive messages and charismatic live shows, Abyss continues to raise awareness, attract listeners, and move the crowd.

Websites: www.soundcloud.com/mighty-abyss   
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Mighty-Abyss/48249404311

Sauce aka SOS

SoS aka Sauce has been writing, recording and performing Hip Hop music for over a decade in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland as a solo artist and as a member of the Inflluents crew and the groups Fully Faded, FTS, Spits and Giggles and Marzipan.  For his latest outing Sauce has teamed with veterans DJ C-LO (Influents) and producer Lekz Beats (Fresh Fruit) to form the group Amoeba Sound Design, whose debut album, "Music For The Sake Of Music," offers delicious alternatives to many of the trappings of modern Hip Hop, and is available for free download at  http://amoebasounddesign.bandcamp.com/