In a world defined by war and occupation, artists from Harlem to Havana have used hip-hop to voice their opposition to injustice, and give life to their ideas for a better world. In words, in paint, on vinyl and through dance, people around the world have come together to build and sustain a diverse culture of protest through creative expression.

Mobilization Against War and Occupation’s (MAWO) Annual Anti-War Hip-Hop festival was created in an effort to bring people together both locally internationally to explore hip-hop as an important tool in the movement to end war and occupation. To date, it is the only festival of its kind across seven continents, but its influence continues to reach across the globe.

Our past four festivals have seen close to ten thousand people from all walks of life attend shows in Surrey, Burnaby , Richmond , East, West, and Downtown Vancouver. From fifteen-hundred people braving the elements at outdoor shows, to packed night-clubs and all-ages showcases in community centers, the festival has become an important cultural and political institution in Canada .

Over one-hundred and twenty-five artists from countries like Palestine, Guatemala and Somalia, along with some of the hottest local artists from across Canada have blazed the festival’s stages. These talented artists have generously donated their art and passion, and have made names for themselves with new and diverse audiences.

With sponsors such as the cities of West Vancouver , Richmond and Burnaby - along with dozens of students’ unions, community organizations, Hip Hop retail stores like Dipt Urban Hookups, and Ephin Apparel and numerous Hip Hop promoters – the festival reaches demographics and areas that the anti-war and hip-hop communities by themselves have never touched down in before.

From the 5 Burroughs of New York across the entire planet, Hip Hop continues to be a culture immersed in the struggle for a better world. If Peace is the message, then Hip Hop is the voice!

On September 15th & 16th The Greater Vancouver area will host for the 8th consecutive year the Annual Vancouver International Hip Hop 4 Peace Festival: PEACE! AN ELEMENT OF HIP HOP.

The Festival will include performances by local and international talent including MC’s, Breakdancers, DJ’s and Graffiti writers.There will be workshops including how to rap and breakdance as well as forums discussing youth activism, women’s rights, Indigenous struggle, Hip Hop’s internationalism and its growth alongside the movement for peace, equality and social justice. It will showcase some of the freshest artists in Hip Hop culture today, and once again will be free and all ages!

Over the last 8 years the Festival has grown into one of the most significant events of its kind. It is completely built, organized, sponsored, and supported by communities of youth, families and regular working people from Vancouver, Canada to Havana, Cuba! This festival has been committed from its very onset to being as accessible, diverse and creative as the human imagination can envision!

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