Artist Bios

OBSESIÓN is one of the Cuba's most successful and outspoken Hip Hop groups garnering the attention and admiration of fans, international media and superstar artists like Afrika Bambaata, Mos Def, and The Roots, who shared a stage at the Apollo Theatre as part of Obsesion’s landmark American tour in 2003. The group is comprised of Mc’s, Magia (Magia Lopez), El Tipo Este (Alexey Rodriguez) and DJ Jigue (Isnay Rodriguez). These highly respected artists have become relative pioneers in the Cuban Hip Hop scene, collaborating, supporting and promoting an extensive list of local talent and legitimate narratives of Cuban society and international issues. Equally as significant is Obsesion’s active participation within the ‘Agencia Cubana de Rap’ (a government sponsored Cuban Rap Agency developed in 2002 as a way of encouraging and making space for young artists to develop their skills and express what was important to them) and their community organizing around women's and Afro-Cuban rights.


Sista Hailstorm is an emcee and graffiti artist from Los Angeles. Starting out as a freestyler in the inner city streets of L.A she has since travelled to Europe, Africa and across the U.S., performing and representing Indigenous people in the underground world of hip hop. Sista Hailstorm spits political lyrical content sharing an in depth perspective on the international genocidal history of Indigenous people and the impact of colonization. She hails from the Apache, Yuma, Pascua Yaqui and Mexica Mitkiyaosi people and is a member of the almighty Zulu Nation 206 and L.A. Women Warriors of NYM Southwest Rebel Alliance.


Manik1derful is the perfect balance of urban Aboriginal and traditional human. He started out as a child protege in the traditional arts and grew into becoming the most well rounded spokesperson of his generation! He is a pioneer of the Native Hip Hop movement with a solid fanbase across the world!


Ostwelve was experimenting with the art form of Hip hop by the age of 12 years old. By the age of 19 Os was performing around the emerging Native Hiphop scene in Vancouver. Os travels the world showcasing his talent and diplomacy, performing at international shows such as the, Global African Hip Hop Summit 2005, Nokia Jam in Johannesburg in 2006 and the 2008 North American Indigenous Games in Duncan BC. Bestowed with a certificate for Honorary National Aboriginal Role Model from the National Aboriginal Health Organization in June 2009, Ostwelve relays his messages to the people through hip hop.


Kia Kadiri has become a West Coast phenomenon, drawing on hip hop, jazz, funk and soul to create a universal sound. Her credits are as wide ranging including being a vocalist on last year’s Battleaxe Records release from LA underground hero Abstract Rude; she’s recorded with indie queen Kinnie Starr and features prominently in her recent video Nearer; her duet with Prevail on the track Cabin Fever was released on Lester’s debut on Nettwerk Records. Now after almost a decade of turning heads, Kia has released her debut full length recording “Feel This”, on Maximum/Universal.


Ndidi Cascade and Deanna Teeple are Vancouver based Hip Hop Soul artists. Known for their powerful vocals and intelligent lyrics, these talented women intend to empower and inspire using music. Having shared the stage with artists such as Femi Kuti, Collie Buddz, Digable Planets, De La Soul and Kelis, Ndidi Cascade and Deanna are proud to represent Vancouver on a global stage. These two best friends are also Hip Hop workshop facilitators who enjoy engaging and inspiring individuals to discover and develop hidden talents.


Randy Ponzio of "Quest Poetics" is one of Vancouver’s most talented artists, combining soulful vocal styles and guitar mastery. Working artists like Shad K and playing festivals like the Montreal Jazz Festival, his music is a vehicle for the message of Peace, Love, Foundation and Family through the act of servant hood. Whether through establishing a birth clinic in the Philippines, visiting and helping orphanages in Kenya during post election violence in ‘08, or teaching over 2.5 million people online how to play guitar, the message is clear: Quest Poetics and Randy Ponzio are of the people and for the people.

Discreet Da Chosen 1 has drawn considerable media attention for his performances alongside some of today’s most influential acts—The Game, Chamillionaire, Bone Thugs’n’ Harmony, Raekwon, 112, In Essence, Juelz Santana, Moka Only, Emotionz, Joey Stylez—and for his appearances on MTV Canada, CityTV, and Urban Rush. He has become a multi-talented artist and uncompromising social activist. He operates his own recording studio Knownwell Product-shuns. Discreet recently released an album "Storytellin with Discreet Friends" and is working on his next L.P tittled "Magneto" which has be set for release next year.

A-slam Music Productions is an artist and production team that specializes in fusion hip-hop. A-slam is establishing themselves as being one of the first groups to strictly fuse hip-hop/rap and Punjabi instead of R&B. In 2007, A-slam received first place in the International Songwriting Competition (hip-hop/r&b category) for their single “For You The group is constantly performing around Vancouver and has opened for mainstream acts such as H-Dhami, Malkit Singh, Apache Indian, Fat Joe, Sweat Shop Union, JoSH, and Aman Hayer.


Hailing from the Influents crew, emcees Abyss and Sauce with DJ C-Lo form the hip hop super group Fully Faded. Fusing a strong foundation in the old school with a progressive frame of mind, they bring a distinct sound and an energetic live set loaded with quality beats and thoughtful lyrics. After four years as a group and a combined total of 36 years spent honing their respective crafts, they are still looking forward to reaching a wider fan base and opening minds. Fully Faded is a concept of total elevation.


As a combined and eternally fresh force Estea Elements and DJ K-Rec are dedicated to the protection of true school hip-hop culture and dopeness. They incorporate classic production, expansive DJ solos, story-telling, topicality, and legendary technique, as they craft the best concepts in local hip-hop. Well known for their explosive and adventurous live shows, no crew covers more bases in the realm of crowd rocking. They have made a conscious effort to put their blood, sweat, and tears in to the promotion of the hip-hop covenant of peace, love, unity, building community and having fun.

Plazma are Toronto’s hip-hop veterans Talk-S.I.K. and Joose. They have been performing their unique blend of hip hop and reggae since their teens and their style can be considered roots with a new vibe: this is ‘People Living Az Moments Arrive.’ Part of Killawatt Records, Plazma is grounded in a strong fan base, giving them the opportunity to develop their new sound and spread it worldwide. They involve their communities in building a stable ground for hip hop music to flourish creatively. Long-time supporters of social justice, they are back for another year to support the festival.

Republicka Central started to play in Aguas Calientes, Mexico in 2000 with a fresh new sound which opened a space for them in the local scene and later the national scene. The release of their first street album titled "Inertia Naturals" quickly attracted attention for both their unique style and well-structured lyrics which accommodate the rhythmic metaphors that flow in fat beats.

Currently the band resides in Vancouver, Canada preparing their new full length album "Armas para la Paz'' (Arms for Peace) which will have collaborations with Solomon Childs (Wu Tang), Books (Das Efx), Visel McYak Mak, Dj jont, and more artists.

Republicka Central has a life style influenced by their hip hop, real life, streets, knowledge and experience which shows them that every day there's always tomorrow. They don't stop dreaming, and they don't stop taking action.

They bring the expansion of Mexican hip hop for peace ..

Brittany Mills, born and raised in Surrey, B.C. Canada, has been involved in performing here entire life. The now 24 year old singer/songwriter is performing a small set for the 'Hip hop For Peace Festival' which will include a variety of styles from jazz to rap.

The GroundBreakers are five members brought together for one purpose: the love of the hip hop. Individually we are able to stand on our own as a solid representation of this culture, concentrating in areas of production (GBoXX, DJ Leaf, The BreakCharmer, and Backbone), Lyrics (Attikus & Babiepaul) and the all important melody (Backbone, GBoXX and DJ Leaf). We leave frenzied crowds in the wakes of our shows - welcome to the new home of the Boom Bap sound, please make yourself at home.

JB is a triple threat as an Emcee, director of performance and actor. She is spreading the words of empowerment and the perspective of urban Indigenous women in Canada. She hails from the Nuxalk and Cayuga Nations. JB's first album, “Indigenous Love” definitely captures the opinions and expression of young urban Indigenous women. JB wants young Indigenous women to feel proud, inspired, and to finally see someone on stage that looks like them since there are not too many Indigenous women represented in Canadian mainstream media.

Anyone who’s heard Speeches Beyond’s music can tell you that he has put his heart and soul in every song, verse, melody and word. His music covers issues like love, hate, war, poverty, crime, injustice, the influence of Media, the drug trade, racism, religion, human rights, metaphysics laws of the universe, relationships, the environment, the government, humanity, karma, secret societies, conspiracies and so much more. Speeches Beyond as a person, brings Life to any performance he does through the poetic medium. Check out his first album, ‘Chaos and Confusion.’


This kid might only be 16, but Eses is rapidly climbing his way up the Vancouver scene with tracks like “Victory” featuring Ghazal and “Where Do I Go.” Both videos were directed by Scattered Children producer Mistah Hindz and feature a grassroots take on hip-hop, adolescence, and finding one’s place in a confusing world.

This 20 year old female vocalist is blossoming into one of the most promising young artists in the local scene. Currently hard at work writing and recording her solo debut, which is yet to be titled, MISHA-Q is building a brand for herself in a city that is in need of young, flourishing, independent female artists. Her impact will be noticed, you will feel her vibe and her love for music will transmit to the hearts and minds of everyone it touches. Expect great things from this young promising artist.

Brand new fresh on the scene, up and comers Elementz (N.van 13 yr old b-boy super-group) are flippin’ minds with their self-taught/self choreographed live performances. They were first discovered at their school talent show, have been touring and opening up for Discreet Da Chosen 1. They have now landed a management deal with Snake Eyes Ent. Prepare yourselves for their show, cause you've seen nothing like it, I guarantee it!!!

Saint Soldier was born in Punjab, India in 1984. It was not a hospitable place to be at the time for many Sikh families. Soon he and his family moved to the United Arab Emirates and then to Canada. His music has been influenced by controversial social issues that face South Asian youth of his generation, but relatable to youth from many backgrounds. The music is a rebellion against cultural and religious indoctrination that has lead to hypocrisy and empty ritualism. Saint Soldier's music is a discussion and rebirth of old ideas in a new, more up-lifting, organic and realistic manner.