Featuring for the first time in Western Canada
Pioneers of Cuban Hip Hop:


Direct from Cuba!

Saturday September 26th > [3PM -9PM]
Ukrainian Hall > 13512 108 Ave
(2 blocks east of Gateway Skytrain Station)

3:00PM - 4:30PM -OPENING FORUM ~ "Rebel Without a Pause"
jb the 1st lady >> scruffmouth >> obsesión

4:30PM - 5:15PM- MC'ING WORKSHOP ~ "Bring the Noise"
joose justice >> sunnite MarX

>now or never crew<

6:30PM - 8:30PM- HIP HOP SHOW ~ "Louder Than a Bomb"
conspirituality >> beyond color >> RaFocus >> brittany
lil’ precious >> obsesión

Sunday September 27th > [1PM -7PM]
Vancouver Art Gallery > 750 Hornby St
Downtown Vancouver

"It’s Bigger than Hip Hop"

project >> fully faded >> a-slam >> speeches beyond

discreet da chosen 1 >> ndidi cascade & deanna >> joose justice

now or never crew >> obsesión >> hellnback >> manik 1derful

os12 >> dani & lizzy >> jb the 1st lady

heatwave >> groundbreakers

On September 26th and 27th 2009, the Greater Vancouver Region will be the base camp for a half-decade anniversary of Mobilization Against War and Occupation’s Annual International Hip Hop Festival Against War and Occupation > HIP HOP VERSUS WAR 5!

To mark such an occasion, born from the shear will and dedication of so many over the years, will be the participation of Cuban pioneers of Hip Hop > OBSESIÓN!

Their arrival will be a first in Western Canada, who along with a veritable army of MC’s, DJ’s, Breakdancers, Graffiti Artists, Beatboxers, Spoken Word Poets and participants from all
continents will come together to showcase a blistering arsenal of radical sentiment and robust hope for humanity!

Amidst all the toasting, scratching, uprocking and Krylon mists, the anthem of, ‘Make Hip Hop NOT War,’ will literally shake surrounding buildings…and we wont stop, cuz we cant stop!

OBSESIÓN is one of Cuba’s most successful and outspoken Hip Hop groups garnering the attention and admiration of superstar artists like Afrika Bambaata, Mos Def, and Philadelphia’s, TheRots, who shared a stage at the Apollo Theatre as part ofObsesion’s landmark American tour in 2003. The group is comprisedof Mc’s, Magia (Magia Lopez) and El Tipo Este (Alexey Rodriguez, also a producer). OBSESIÓN continues to actively participate within the ‘Agencia Cubana de Rap’ (government sponsored Cuban Rap Agency developed in 2002 as a way of encouraging and making space for young artists developing their skill and expressing what was important to them) and organizing around women’s and Afro Cuban’s rights struggle.

Expect OBSESIÓN’s stage presence, musicianship and lyrics to not only be a first in western Canada, but to be a show that will bring the flavor of the Cuban spirit and revolutionary dedication to our collective struggle for humanity.